As a web agency, we have had the chance to work with many different companies in many different industries. Among other things, we have worked with massage therapists, authors and housing companies.

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Black Samurai

This is an e-commerce site where you can buy a book and subscribe to a newsletter. We have designed and developed the entire website as well as designed the book’s cover.



We built this website together with the designer Anna O. Anna created the design, and we developed the website.

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Hälsocenter i Närke

Hälsocenter in Närke is a laser therapy and massage studio in Örebro. For this website, we have created the design, developed the site, created the logo, optimized the loading time and much more.

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Cathy Evans

Cathy Evans is an author from England who wrote the books: The Wrong’un and The black samurai. We designed and developed the page while she was responsible for pictures and texts.